to know more about me you may chose the short version in the facts 

or the extended version in the story 

the facts: 

  • born and raised in Herzfeld, Germany
  • after high school,  apprenticeship as cabinet maker in family business and courses in wood sculpting
  • furniture restoration in Torino (Italy) and Antibes (France)
  • crew member sailing yachts Mediterranean and Caribbean
  • studies and degree in Interior Design at University of Applied Sciences in Trier (Germany) with semesters at Macintosh School of Art Glasgow (Scotland) Product Design and Kansas State University Manhattan (USA) Interior Design and Art
  • working as Interior Designer in Germany, Spain, France, Italy and China in collaboration with other professionals or solo. projects realized in residential, commercial, nautical, art shows and event realms
  • cofounder Art Collective Urgel3 Madrid and since then intensified resumption of artistic work





  • Bones ArtBanchel 3, Madrid at studio Photoalquimia
  • Creaturas Urgel3, Madrid


  • Avam 100×100, Galeria San, Zapadores cuidad del Arte, Madrid 
  • inauguracion espacio Alacela, Madrid 
  • ArtBanchel 2, Urgel3, Madrid
  • ArtBanchel 1, Urgel3, Madrid
  • Open Studio, Urgel3, Madrid

 the story: 


  • yet to be told…