artist statement

My artwork is a tribute to the supreme artist of all – our mother, nature. The perfection of creation continues to fill me with as much awe as ever, and I never tire of contemplating the boundless beauty manifested in myriad forms, colours, and shapes.


Moved by what I observe, discover, and what discovers me, I aspire to unveil the concealed life, the purest essence, and the profound inherent beauty of the subjects and materials I engage with.


Trained as an architect, I deeply appreciate nature’s perfect harmony, elegance, and efficiency in its structures. Extracting an object from its ordinary context, my intention is to accentuate its singular expression of a creative spirit and enlighten the viewer to its aesthetic worth.


In recent years, my artistic focus has centred on bones and fishbones. Here are some motivations behind this choice:


·         I aim to unveil the hidden beauty beneath the surface, the intricate natural elegance and perfection, the remarkable textures, details, and complexity of these fascinating structures.


·         Skeletons are the foundation for the ability to move, the structure holding everything together. They are keepers of ancestral energy, collectors of the wisdom of life itself. Bones symbolize both fragility and strength, reminding us of the delicate nature of life while representing resilience and enduring strength.


·         What I work with is commonly seen as waste. There’s a disconnection in perception, reducing it to mere protein, nourishment, and taste. Using bones challenges conventional notions of beauty, prompting viewers to question preconceived ideas about aesthetics.


·         Showing bones in my art acknowledges and respects the sacrifice of the animal, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all living beings and fostering a deep reverence for the life given. A tinge of sorrow plays a role, sometimes accusing myself of consuming animals, even though I know it’s unnecessary. Our oceans are depleting, and countless beings die, often without becoming sustenance. The awareness of all life we consume same animal and plants, compels me to act more conscious and responsible. It’s a small effort, a gesture of hope toward regeneration rather than the continued degeneration of our beautiful world and all beings.


·         My artwork featuring bones conveys a deep love and connection to the natural world. It reflects my appreciation for the animal’s life, serving as a testament to the beauty and significance of all creatures, regardless of their form or state. It becomes a medium for preserving memory, paying homage to the lasting imprint left behind, capturing the essence and uniqueness in tangible form.


·         Ultimately, I believe plants also experience sensation; we all share the same essence in different forms. Even when an animal, a plant, or a human transitions back to the source, the vibration persists in the remnants until complete reintegration into the grand organism of Mother Earth. So, the work with bones evokes for me a sense of transcendence, representing the soul’s journey beyond the physical realm, an invitation to contemplate life’s mysteries.